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[ people make our pubs, not the design, food or drinks offer, the people ]

Hospitality, bar work, pubs, they are not just a job because you can't do what you want to do, or studied to do, they offer one of the most wonderful career opportunities in the country. Did you know that hospitality is the 3rd largest employer in the UK with 2.9 million careers!!! I know.....

So, great chat, but what do we do that others don't? 

Well, the three guys that own the business are in the business every day of the week. That might be behind a laptop as I am now designing this website, or sitting in an accounts meeting or mentoring one of the team in a 121 session or indeed, it has been known on the rare occasion you'll find us wiping down tables, pouring pints & decoding plates in kitchens. Our approach to our business is simple, it's ours, we created it. Born from some savings, a s£@t tonne of passion, a number of credit cards & we've built it into one of the most admired mini mults in the business. If we have to scrub out toilets, we will.

You'll see a number of different roles advertised below. As much as we don't put square pegs into round holes, we also don't have a one fit solution for our roles. You will have key responsibilities, but you'll be part of our team, if plates need running, you'll run them. If chefs need help, you'll help. Not only does it offer fantastic diversity to the business, it develops you at pace, you are not a number in Yummy, you are the fabric of our offer. 

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[ Current open positions ]



We have a number of key supervisor roles available across the business as we promote some of our great talent into new roles. 

A supervisor role in our business is a great opportunity for somebody looking to progress in hospitality & looking for a fresh challenge with responsibility. The role obviously changes by site as no two Yummy pubs are the same, but the core skills needed don't. 

You will be passionate about People. You will have an interest in food, you don't have to be able to cook it, but you will love cook books, finding new foodie places, an instagram account following the latest trends & the chefs making the changes in London & the wider World. 

You will have a background that can be adapted into the supervisor role. Cash handling, previous people management, great time keeping, out going & colourful personality & the ability to recognise your strengths & weaknesses. 


Cocktail Club & bar staff super team 

@TheSomersTown is an exceptional pub located between London Euston & London St Pancras train stations on a leafy street, Charlton Street to be exact. 

We're looking for key cocktail driven bar tenders to join our team to both rock out the downstairs speak easy, but deliver fast paced, exceptional service on the main pub floor on key trading sessions (mostly evenings). 

You will be quick, efficient, driven & willing to learn. We have one of the Worlds best in the business who is sculpting a cocktail menu of best selling classics & looking to drive our offer to become one of the secret bolt holds in London.

We're looking for skilled staff & pay for talent, if you think you've got the skills, get in touch.