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"Train people so they can leave, treat them well enough that they don't want too" 


One of the most exciting things about running your own boutique pub company is seeing the difference to can make to peoples careers. We've been lucky enough to nurture & be nurtured (everyone can learn new things) by a huge number of people in the past 10 years.

We're always on the look out for new talent to join us, whether it's for the immediate future or for a cuppa & a biscuit to discuss roles developing in the business as we grow.

The current roles open are posted here & updated daily, if you can't see something that suits your skills but you'd like to potentially be part of Yummy then drop me an email, let me know who you are, what makes you tick & I'll make sure that either I personally respond or one of my team comes to you to discuss it.


You can reach me here - tim@yummypubs.co.uk



The Yummy Academy - Putting People First

We love hospitality, not service. We believe there is a big difference. In order to deliver hospitality, you need to learn service, but have something inside you that loves being around people & putting them first. In Yummy we put people at the heart of everything we do. 


Seven stages of the Academy. A number of months ago we decided that the culture of Yummy was not defined by our workbooks, but by the passion of the people in the business. It's taken us over 10 years to create the Yummy Academy, it's really only in the past few years we are seeing the workbooks turn into culture.

So, taking inspiration from Franca & wanting to see anyone from any walk of life develop, we have loaded them onto our site for anyone to download for FREE.

The following front of house workbooks can be downloaded (ignore the bit about payment, you don't need to add card details)...

Kitchen Academy

Our training & development stretches across both kitchens (as they are hugely important to us) & front of house. We do a huge amount of 'off line' learning in our kitchens, but we do follow through with the Academy using the below workbooks.


Open. Honest. Professional.


Three chaps, a vision to create a unique, boutique pub co.



Tim Foster. Head of Being Awesome. Tim is the real loon of Yummy. He is the guy who does all of our marketing, websites & photography with some help from our team. All spelling mistakes & poor grammar is down to him.




Jason Rowlands. Head of Food Things. Jason is our foodie star. He is the company exec chef & all-round boss man of the food. Together with his team, he is building the Ultimate Pub Menu in Yummy, an adventure we began in 2015. He's 'uncle' to every one is Yummy.





Anthony Pender. Head of This & That. Anthony is the clever one. He studied business, likes reading books, loves spreadsheets & stops everyone from spending money. He's also the most handsome.