join my loon army

When we started Yummy on the back of a beer mat in 2006, we always knew it would be our people that would make the greatest difference in our company & we were right. Yummy is currently six beautiful buildings without the people inside them, they're just beautiful buildings.

My loon army is what makes Yummy special, we never lose sight of that & we invest heavily in nurturing the best talent in hospitality.

We are always recruiting & looking for stars to join the business. We started with 3, we now have +150 individuals in the business, delighting & entertaining customers everyday....

ANTHONY pender

Head of this & that

Anthony is the clever one. He studied business, likes reading books, loves spreadsheets & stops everyone from spending money.

He's also the most handsome.

Tim foster

Head of Being Awesome

Tim is the real loon of Yummy. He is the guy who does all of our marketing, websites & photography with some help from our team.

All spelling mistakes & poor grammar is down to him.

JASON rowlands

head of Food Things

Jason is our foodie star. He is the company exec chef & all-round boss man of the food. Together with his team, he is building the Ultimate Pub Menu in Yummy, an adventure we began in 2015.

He's 'uncle' to every one is Yummy.

Let me introduce you to my army, my family...