It's important to support your local community. That's why when Broadwater Primary School in Tooting approached us asking for donations for their summer fair, we said YEEEEESSSS, absolutely, of course!

By now, you'll probably have realised we do things a little differently here at Yummy - which is why donated something a bit out of the ordinary....

...our CINEMA! 5-year-old Aamira had the winning ticket!

She will be able to bring along her family & friends for a private P-A-R-T-A-Y in the Gorringe Park basement cinema. We all know a movie experience isn't complete without SNACKS (or is that just us? Hey, we like our snacks...) so the prize also included salty popcorn, cookies, scrummy hot food from the kitchen & drinks.

Now all she has to do is figure out which movie to watch...

Allie Abgarian