Ohhhhh, we forgot to tell you something!

Billy  - saver of chickens /manager of riverside pub (that'd be our Grove Ferry) - and his team recently won BEST PUB IN KENT in the National Pub & Bar Awards hosted by Pub & Bar magazine.

*pause for celebratory dance*

Billy was also invited to the Grand Final held in London's BAFTA last night, where 12 of the 94 county winners would be crowned regional winners. Head of Being Awesome (that'd be Tim) went with him and they both scrubbed up nicely...

Sadly, we didn't win the additional award...but no tears here! You know why? 'CAUSE WE'RE STILL THE BEST PUB IN KENT, we've got Billy and an amazing group of creative, hard-working, funny, inspiring people over at the Grove.

* pause for second celebratory dance*

Allie Abgarian