Who says you can't party in your 70s? NO ONE. That's why we were super-mega-thrilled to hear about the Polish couple who visited FABRIC & rocked it out until 5am. Speaking as those who fall asleep with a kebab & a half-drunk beer on the bedside table around 1am after a 'night out on the town', we're impressed!

Not only do they define the word COOL,  they've also inspired us to spend some time with nanna & pops, so we thought we might host a little night out of our own. How does a cuppa, dance and a tasteful, topless waiter sound (our Gorringe Park manager Paul is going to love this one...we haven't told him about our idea. YET).

More to come everybody, more to come! We're off to talk to Paul now...

P.S We'd also like to give a shout-out, a hurrah, a hug & a pat on the back to DJ Husley for treating the couple so well with some tequila, tea & a cab ride home - on the house. Sir, we applaud you. #RAOK

Allie Abgarian