Remember how a few weeks ago, we told you we'd be rewarding one of our loons for being extra-super-awesome? Well, you may have noticed Head of Being Awesome (Tim, y'all) announced it on Wednesday. We'd like to give another BIG congrats to Roxana - well done!

We'd also like to thank both customers and managers for their kind words about our loons and for telling us all about their RAOK's. They had some lovely things to say about you lot...

Josh (Somers Town Coffee House)
"We would like to nominate Josh. He is not the looniest loon and he is an exceptional person who deserves recognition. He's reliable, kind and delivers 110%, on top of his current situation. Joe and I are really impressed by him."

Will (The Wiremill)
"I'd like to nominate Will. He’s been a great asset to the mill, handing in his notice to dedicate time fully to hospitality. He’s been up against a host of issues of late; from leaking ceilings, to cold showers and hasn’t moaned about anything, just got on with it, had some banter with the customers & begun to really grow into the role. Anything I have asked of him he has done without hesitation, he has an appetite to learn & I think he is a key member of the WM team." 

Bethany (Grove Ferry)
"All round good egg, hosted the wedding on Saturday with ease, outstanding feedback from the bride and groom. She delivers some of the best guest service I’ve seen in a long time, nothing is too much trouble for her in terms of shift patterns - she comes in early and stays late, first one to offer help to cover staff holidays / emergencies. I love her! There’s also silly things like, at the wedding there were some elderly guests she asked to remain seated and she went to get their food from the buffet for them."

Lucille (The Stoke Newington Tea House)
"Always works hard, helps out and is all-around great. Is way ahead on CPL, wants to grow in hospitality and form a career, truly interested in the business. Doesn’t need to be told to do things, just gets on and does them - self-sufficient." 

Toby (Gorringe Park)
"He always puts hits hand up to cover shifts and does the extra mile for customers an is keen learner and is being trained to be supervisor. Tobs for the win! Legend!"

Charlotte (Vic)
"She works really hard and she's great at her job - she wrote this about herself:" Can you imagine someone that has super smarts, super silliness, super sass and super sexiness all rolled into one, you are looking at her right now. I’m a proper bow belle beaut and you will know when I enter the room! It’s not my fault, I cant help it, sometimes I’m just a bit laad sometimes.. most of the time, ok so I have trouble controlling the volume of my voice, but I’m clean and tidy and can’t deal with mess, EVERYTHING has its rightful place, but I don’t have that OCD thing or nuffing, just like the place to be clean. Gotta love Fantasia and Mary Poppins, only in a perfect/Disney World would self washing and cleaning exist. Currently only magic seems to make these things happen, but I’m working on it, gonna be a millionaire one day soon, bruv,  when my self cleaning glasses come about, keep an eye out for me on Dragons Den! Save the bees, no pollen without bees, without pollen there are no flowers, then no trees, then no air, then we're all dead. Love going to watch the Arsenal with the family, favourite player has to be Francis Jeffers oh oh oh or Pascal Cygan, or Theo Walcott, I could be the best thing that could happen to you. I can bake, bacon-infused crumpets are my speciality. Love crumpets and donuts, I’ll bake them for you for breakfast!