Friday's are generally great days but last Friday was extra special. Not only was it the night before Anthony's wedding (Owner / Dark Lord at Yummy) but it was also LIVE YOUR LIFE DAY in honour of Franca Knowles and in support of Team Margot.

So, what did we do? We shaved Gina's head. Ah, yes - remember how we badgered you about donating money to her fundraising page so we could give her a snazzy buzz cut? Well, the day arrived and if anyone can rock a hair-less head, it's our Gina. The customers at Somers Town also got in on the fun (check out the man who decided to WEAR Gina's hair...).

[wpvideo wYMandlF]

She'll still raising money for Team Margot, so keep donating! Most importantly though, sign up to become a donor. You could save a life.


Allie Abgarian