Any random act of kindness is pretty incredible but this woman? She's something else.

Fiona Munro gave two strangers in a diner a £20 note to pay for their lunch. Yes, that's pretty great all on its own but what makes this experience all the more amazing is that those £20 came from money that she received from family and friends as a gift, for her and her husband to treat themselves while Fiona recuperates from her cancer.

But wait, it gets better. One RAOK motivates another, as it turns out the women Fiona gave the money to have pledged to do a RAOK of their own with a charity bungee-jump! Talk about inspiring! We've contacted Fiona so we can make her smile like she made those two women smile. If we don't hear from her that's OK, too (she has the right to her privacy, of course). Stay tuned!