Happy Friday!

We'd like to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with a teensy little RAOK. Well actually, it's not so teensy - it's pretty big. Ever heard of Second Shot? No? Well then it's about time we told you about it. The creative brainchild behind the idea is Julius Ibrahim. He moved to London in 2013 and was shocked by the amount of homeless people and decided it was time for some ACTION.

Second Shot employ and train people who have been affected by homelessness by making them into talented baristas. They also have a pay-it-forward system, so that the average Joe (pardon the pun) can pre-pay for food and drink for someone in need. The cafe is also a hub for homeless people after opening hours.

We love this initiative because it revolves around one major point - that EVERYONE deserves a second shot. If you find yourself craving some caffeine on Monday morning, we suggest you pop by to support the cause. We sure will be.

Allie Abgarian