beautiful boozers

Are you looking for some of the best pubs in the land? Come & have a look at ours, they're all very special, totally unique & have some wondrous secrets. 


The Wiremill | Surrey 

You don’t need to get on a flight to get away from the Big Smoke. We’re less than an hour’s journey from London Victoria.

Haven. Oasis. Retreat. Sanctuary. Hideaway. Pick a word - they’re all fit to describe The Wiremill, our lakeside pub. A home away from home, it’s the people who make this place. Of course, the mouth-watering cooking (can you say homemade, locally sourced, beautiful food?) and incredible views don’t hurt - thank you, Mother Nature.

Come in with family and friends or just make some new ones when you get here. Alternatively, do what big boss Tim does - plonk yourself down in the sunshine and ponder the beauty of life whilst sipping a cappuccino. 

P.S You don’t need to go home, you can stay here. Heck, stay forever - hotel rooms with HUUUUUUGE beds and fluffy pillows in the basement.


T. 01342 832 263


No, no, no, it’s NOT just a coffee house (jeeeez, the amount of times we have to tell people). 

Located just around the corner from Euston, we’re home to travellers from across the globe alongside a bundle of locals, city slickers and the rest. Say hello to our British pub with a twist.

And twists there are plenty! Head to the back of the pub and give the bookcase a tug, behind it you’ll unearth stairs that lead to our four dining rooms, each with its own specially designed look. Can we just mention, one of them has GRASS. You’ll struggle to have a boring meeting / dinner / date / party in one of our rooms. 

Our pub is open, light and welcoming but sometimes, you just want to sneak away and hide in the safety of the dark, right? Not a problem. Enter Cosy Kettle - our hidden speakeasy cocktail bar where the people are friendly, the drinks are flowing and cocktail making is an art form. 


T. 020 7387 7377

the grove ferry riverside pub & inn | upstreet, Kent

Have you met Sam and Bilbo? When you pop by, we suggest you say hi. Oh, yeah - they’re our pigs. What, you don’t have pigs at your local pub? Then you’re missing out. 

Hold on, that’s not all. Our dearest Grove - a former lavender farm - has so much more to offer. How’s about a boathouse - birthday bash, anyone? - a garden the size of a small island, a pig pen, chicks, chicks, chiiiickens, Pedro (the golden pheasant), an outside bar, a terrace, yummy British food, an ale tap room, a country BnB, a lovely team, fireplaces, the Nature Reserve and we almost forgot - a RIVER with regular boat trips. 

Man, woman, animal, alien - everyone is welcome and there’s even dog beer for our furry friends.

P.S Make sure you bring some treats for the hobbits.

grove road. upstreet. kent. ct3 4bp

T. 01227 860 302


The Vic, she’s a lovely lady and somewhat like Mona Lisa, our lady has her secrets. 

There’s the pub floor of course - big, bright and beautiful with cask, craft, cocktail, wine and food, food, food (did we mention food?) but that’s it - the normal stuff stops there.

Vic is one-of-a-kind & she’s got three themed dining rooms. In one of them you can even watch the chefs as they work (be sure to wave hello - they like the attention, this lot). 

Downstairs, you’ll find mirrors. Push ‘em. Go on, give ‘em a big push...welcome to our secret speakeasy cocktail bar. No one can see in, so if you need to hide, the Vic is your partner in crime.

Not to forget the lady’s colourful back garden (stop it right now with your filthy mind!). Plonk down on roof-covered huts or even in Charlie’s Cocktail Caravan. It was a PAIN getting that thing in the garden but it looks so amazing, it was totally worth it. Come on, it’s a PRIVATE CARAVAN. WITH COCKTAILS. IN A PUB GARDEN.

Told ya’ she’s special.

110 grove road, mile end, london, e3 5th

T. 020 8712 5125

The gorringe park | tooting. london

Tooting’s best-kept secret.

Three floors, three experiences. Start on the ground floor where British Boozer meets the cool vibes of South London - there are plenty of cosy corners and nooks to hide in.

Venture upstairs and lose yourself in The Library, a themed dining room with shelves and shelves of vintage favourites collected from across the UK. Don’t forget to take a sneak peek into the Alchemy Room - imagine Snape’s potions room with a touch of Breaking Bad. 

You’d think that’s the best bit but we’ve got you fooled! The basement is everyone’s favourite. Pourquoi, you ask? It’s a cinema with old school seats, a pop-pop-popcorn machine and classics on the big screen. Yeah, we think it’s pretty spectacular too.

There’s also a front and a back garden, scrummy food and tipples to tickle every tonsil.

Ssssh, tell only who you must.

29 london road, tooting, london, sw17 9jr

T. 020 8685 0469

the stoke newington tea house | stoke newington. london

Heard of the pub that moonlights as a tea school and a wine cellar? That’s us!

The Tea House isn’t actually a tea house at all. Well, we have over 101 different brews of tea, cock-teas (that’s cocktails with tea for you with the dirty mind again) and a Tea School upstairs where you can learn to make the perfect cuppa..but really, we’re a pub! 

Our state-of-the-art beer wall (Anthony nagged us FOR YEARS to get one), craft beer fridge and eight rotating ales are testament to the fact. As is the killer menu, British grub galore. 

Let’s face it, this is Stoke Newington - a little bit hipster you see - we had to add something extra special (you know, besides the tea). We thought, who doesn’t love a wine cellar? So, we got one. Bouverie Road has its own secret entrance on the side street and is CHOCK-A-BLOCK with cheese and vino.

Not to forget, there’s also a heated terrace and a garden where you can work on that tan or cuddle up with your date and a blanket.

102 church street, stoke newington, london, n16 0la

T. 020 8712 1188 

the gentlemen baristas | southwark. London

We're fortunate enough to have crossed paths with the GB's & the Egg. Two lovely fellows who once worked for a very well known coffee company & now, with us, own one of their very own. 

If you want one of the best experiences of drinking coffee available in London, a visit to the GB's coffee house is just the ticket. They're also pretty handsome fellas. 

63 union street, southwark, london, Se1 1sg 

T. 07817 350 067