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join my loon army

When we started Yummy on the back of a beer mat in 2006, we always knew it would be our people that would make the greatest difference in our company & we were right. Yummy is currently six beautiful buildings without the people inside them, they're just beautiful buildings.

My loon army is what makes Yummy special, we never lose sight of that & we invest heavily in nurturing the best talent in hospitality.

We are always recruiting & looking for stars to join the business. We started with 3, we now have +150 individuals in the business, delighting & entertaining customers everyday....

ANTHONY pender

Head of this & that

Anthony is the clever one. He studied business, likes reading books, loves spreadsheets & stops everyone from spending money.

He's also the most handsome.

Tim foster

Head of Being Awesome

Tim is the real loon of Yummy. He is the guy who does all of our marketing, websites & photography with some help from our team.

All spelling mistakes & poor grammar is down to him.

JASON rowlands

head of Food Things

Jason is our foodie star. He is the company exec chef & all-round boss man of the food. Together with his team, he is building the Ultimate Pub Menu in Yummy, an adventure we began in 2015.

He's 'uncle' to every one is Yummy.

Let me introduce you to my army, my family... 

Changing lives

Giving back is a big thing in human nature, it's a gift we all have & if you embrace it, we believe great things can happen. We have two very close relationships in Yummy, the first with The New Horizons Youth Centre, our neighbors at The Somers Town Coffee House & the second with Team Margot, both different causes, but fundamentally changing peoples lives.


New Horizons & Yummy

Shelagh & her amazing team next door have been helping vulnerable teenagers in London since 1967 (obviously they've not been there that long, but the organization has!) & we're extremely proud to be a part of changing teenagers life choices & futures. Initially we began by training individuals on our Yummy Academy for two weeks to see if they wanted a career in hospitality. From the initial success stories we began employing guys & girls full time, that was in 2012.

We have helped a huge number of kids find their feet, establish themselves to save money & get their lives back on track. We still have lots of them in the business, serving our customers day in day out.

This year we decided to go one step further. We have completely transformed the living accommodation at The Somers Town to create living space & homes for our chef academy. We now have eight apprentice chefs in Yummy, working across our London pubs, forging a future for themselves grabbing the opportunity we have created, three of the guys are from New Horizons.

We are very proud of them & the work we are able to do with the support of the amazing team new door. They are always looking for new partners, sponsors & supporters to help them not only keep the facilities already at the centre, but to broaden the reach, create new opportunities for London's often forgotten secrets.

If you're here, looking at us & thinking you could get involved, have a look below at what they are achieving & contact the centre to get involved.


The Margot foundation & Yummy

We are incredibly fortunate to have Keith Knowles, founder & owner of Beds & Bars the pan-European, backpackers & bars business as our chairman of Yummy. Keith has been our chairman since last 2015 & has had a huge impact on our business & the three of us personally. He brings a sense of professionalism, passion & direction to our business.

Keith is dedicated to making a difference to peoples lives, involved in a huge number of charities, professional bodies & organizations. He's one of those chaps who can command a room with one swift sentence, but a proud campaigner for how amazing our industry is & the difference it makes to lives around the World. 

Team Margot is not about raising money, it's about awareness, especially in the youth.

It turns out just about everyone that works for us fits the bill - maybe not right now, but potentially in the future. So, as well as Keith's salary for being our chair, which he donates in it's entirety to Team Margot, we made a commitment to Margot's family we would raise awareness of the stem cell register to anyone who would listen. Every month I brief new members to Yummy about the foundation, the work they are doing, the difference they are making to peoples lives, the choice is theirs if they want to wear the wrist bands or register, there is no pressure, but as I tell them, it's probably now just a little prick in the bum (if you're lucky) & you could save a child's life. 

Help beat this thing, take a look at how you can get involved too www.teammargot.com   

What's HOT in Yummy?

(apart from Anthony?)

Running a boutique pub company is bloody good fun. It's also a lot of graft, crazy hours & crazy ideas but running a boutique pub company like ours is about striving for excellence. We love to crow about what we do, which is why you see & hear lots about us. We can make a difference to hospitality but also to people's lives in Yummy - every single day. 

new look, same company

06.02.2017 - The Yummy Collection

We have always been far more than 'just a pub company' & for sometime our name has not allowed us to shine. So, for 2017 we've decided to have a bit of a make over. We are now re-branding our image to become The Yummy Collection.

It's not a huge multi-million £ campaign, just a simple refresh to show what we do to people who are lucky enough to have just found us. As a collection we intend to continue to break the pre-concieved notions of what a 'pub' is. 


This week can't really get any better can it???! Oh, yes it can. We've just been informed we are finalists in the BII NITAs 2016 - AMAZING! Next up is judging, with Tim on his feet for 30 minutes to tell the judges what we do in YPC to train, nurture & develop. Now that's going to be one happy set of judges, BLOWN AWAY with the content & Tim's charming personality, of course.   

12.10.2016 YPC Chef Academy - The Official launch

If you didn't know, we have been taking kids off the streets since 2011. That's when we moved next door to the New Horizon Youth Centre on Chalton Street. They help kids from 18-21 years get themselves sorted into sheltered accommodation where possible, let them wash their clothes, see councillors & try to turn their lives around. We're hugely proud to say we have helped plentyof their kids realise there is a future for them. It's not all one way traffic, we give them 50% of the support, it's then in their court to step up for the other 50%. 

The next level of our ambitions is now LIVE! Our YPC Chef Academy has been launched to the World; we're looking for the future chefs of the industry & are able to offer an opportunity for young people to change the course of their lives. It doesn't just have to be young people though, old dogs can learn new tricks too. Intrigued? Click here to see more

11.10.2016 - EAT OUT AWARDS 2016

We were shortlisted in the Eat Out Awards 2016 in not just one, or two, but three categories!! A spectacular achievement for everyone in YPC, especially as the shortlisted categories are all about our people! 

Best Charity Initiative - for our work with #RAOK (Random Acts of Kindness) - Runner Up

Best Recruitment Campaign  - If you're already working for us, you know how darn good it is! - Runner Up

Team of the Year  - we have incredible talent in YPC & it's brilliant to be recognized - Runner Up


A MASSIVE congratulations to Billy & all his team at The Grove Ferry. On Wednesday 6th October, after already having been announced a National Finalist at The Great British Pub Awards, the Grove team also picked up a Highly Commended for best managed pub. This is a huge accolade for the pub & shows the efforts Billy & our entire team have gone too in the past 12 months.  


George, Ellie & the entire team at The Wiremill blew away the competition this week to WIN the Muddy Stilettos best boutique stay award in Surrey. After a public vote to shortlist the pub & then a furious voting poll, the mill won by a massive margin of 41%! Brilliant recognition for the great work they've done in making the mill a place for a short-break getaway & because they offer real hospitality to our guests, not just service. 


Billy & the team picked up County Winners (Best Pub in Kent) for The National Pub & Bar Awards at the BAFTA in London. A fab evening, even if Tim did get a little carried away with thanking Tristan (notice the shock on this face..). 


We LOVE a good award or two. For us it's recognition of building a quality business that delivers on it's promises & whilst we don't go in for every award out there we are really proud of the ever growing trophy cabinet. 

Some of our high lights include....


2010 - The Wiremill, Surrey - Freehouse of the Year, The Publican Awards

2010 - The Wiremill, Surrey, Pub of the Year, The Publican Awards

2010 - The Wiremill, Surrey, Best Food Operator, Highly Commended, The Publican Awards

2011 -  The Wiremill, Surrey, Best Accommodation Pub of the Year, The Publican Awards

2013 - The Somers Town Coffee House, Innovation Pub of the Year, Top 50 Gastro Pubs

2016 - The Grove Ferry, Kent, Best Pub in the Kent, National Pub & Bar Awards